J.D. Parker & Sons | Sanitation and Recycling Services in Pasco County
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J.D. Parker and Sons

Sanitation Services & Recycling Programs

Since 1949


Household garbage collection and recycling


Solid waste and recycling programs designed to fit your business needs


On July 1st, the monthly rate for residential service will increase by 8.6%. This equates to a total of $1.45.

We have not increased rates in your area in over two years and prior to that, we did not increase our rates for nearly ten years.

With inflation being at levels not seen in over forty years, we have been experiencing significantly escalating costs in all areas; such as labor, equipment, steel and insurance.

Most significantly, our industry is heavily reliant on oil-based products such as fuel, oil, hydraulic fluids, plastics and rubber based products such as hoses and tires.

As costs are going up on nearly every item in our country, we unfortunately can no longer operate safely and efficiently at existing pricing and need to pass a portion of these costs onto our customers.


Collection Guidelines

Please place your household garbage, yard debris and recycling out curbside the night before your scheduled collection day.


Your recycling should be placed on the opposite side of your driveway. Separate of the household garbage and yard debris.


Yard debris should be neatly bundled, manageable and cut into lengths of no more than four (4) feet.


Please call our office at (727) 845-1024 for prices and scheduling.

Regular Pickup Schedule



Household garbage is collected two (2) times per week. Please refer to the schedule provided for collection days in your area.



Household recycling is collected one (1) time per week. Please refer to the schedule provided for collection days in your area.

Holiday Pickup Schedule

There will be no collection of commercial, residential and recycling services on the following holidays:


Thanksgiving Day – Thursday 11/24/2022

If your pick up day is Thursday, 11/24/2022, your garbage and recycling will be picked up on Friday, 11/25/2022. If your pick up is Friday, 11/25/2022, your garbage and recycling will be picked up on Saturday, 11/26/2022. Please place it curbside the night prior to your collection date.


Service for Christmas Day / New Years Day

There is no change in the schedule for Christmas and New Year Holidays


Please refer to the schedule provided for collection change in your area due to these holidays.

Now you can submit payments online and see billing statements.